What are your business hours?

Our business hours at Bridal Bling Australia are Monday to Friday (ONLY), 9am – 5pm Au EST. Any orders placed outside of these business hours will be processed the following business day.

What Forms of Payment do you Accept?

PayPal & Credit Cards via Paypal. 

Do you have a retail store in which I can purchase my items?

Bridal Bling Australia is an online store only. Our products can only be purchased via our website or thru our online store.

Are online transactions secure?

Bridal Bling Australia assures that all transactions conducted online are completely secure. Our website uses secure socket layer (SSL) certification. We use strong security measures to prevent the loss, misuse and alteration of your information once it is in our records. When you pay online using your credit card, your card details are not viewed by us or by any person except you at any time during the transaction. They are encrypted and passed directly to the Bank through our security provider.

Can I phone to have a chat about an order?

No, the preferred method of contact is thru email or the contact form on this site. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Where can I see some examples of the things you’ve made?

This web site is a good place to see ALL the products that we offer We are also active on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest where we often have sneak peeks and show the latest designs. Instagram & Pinterest - @bridalbling

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

All personalised orders are custom made and assembled with loving hands.  Although Bridal Bling Australia says 2-3 weeks to make most bling items, most times it is quicker than this.  We highly recommended that you place your order and allow a minimum of 1-2 weeks to receive it PRIOR to your event.

I need my Bridal Bling item within the next week. Can you help me?

Due to the large amount of orders we create on a weekly basis, It all depends on our workload, If we can we will. Please email to see if our workload allows for us to do this.*This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. * Express post will incure an extra cost and there maybe a fee associated with “jumping the cue”.

I really want to buy some products off you, but I’m tight for money. Can I pay off my order?

Yes you can pay your order off. Through our secure login server, you can make payments to suit you but PLEASE NOTE, your order will not be processed until your order is paid in full.

When will you start making my order?

Your order will not be started until full payment is received and cleared.  Your order will then be put on the job list according job urgency.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

No, this is because all items we create are meticulously handcrafted with love and care, which takes time. Wherever possible we try to keep postage down on larger orders.   We will gladly send you a quote for a larger order.

I received my Bridal Bling item, but it is misspelled. Will you replace it?

Bridal Bling Australia’s shop policy is this: If the error was ours, yes, we take full responsibility for our error, and will promptly replace the item at our expense. We will reference the original invoice or message typed by you to determine this.

If the spelling error was made by you, as reflected on your order receipt, we will not replace the order. You are responsible for your own typing; please review it for accuracy before sending your order. If you notice a mistake on your invoice after placing your order, please email us immediately so we may correct it before we send your order.

I received my item, but it was damaged in transit. What do I do?

Each and every product is securely wrapped with utmost care to ensure your package gets to you safely but unfortunately parcels get damaged on the rare occasion. Please email us atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., including a photo of the damage, and if time allows, we will promptly replace the item. If there is not enough time for us to send a replacement, I will refund your purchase price, minus shipping.

My order hasn’t arrived. What happens now?

Once orders have been posted with Australia Post, Bridal Bling Australia accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged goods. If your parcel is missing we will report your parcel missing with Australia Post and you should do the same.

I’m not happy with my item. What can I do?

We certainly hope you absolutely love your purchase! However, if there is a problem or if for any reason you are not satisfied, you may return it for a refund or exchange within 7days of receiving your parcel.  Just contact me ASAP via email * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can work out the details. If we refund, the purchase price this will not include shipping costs and the item(s) will need to be returned and received in the original condition including all accessories.  

I am sending a Bridal Bling item as a gift. Can I include a message?

Yes! We would be happy to include a gift tag with a short handwritten note for the gift recipient. Please include the requested message in your notes.

Do you make your items or do you get other people to make them for you?

Bridal Bling Australia is a family based business, so YES all the personalised products are made by Kelly, sometimes with the assistance of her family members.

I’m looking for something that is similar but slightly different to what you have on your site?

We accept custom orders, so feel free to contact us with your vision and we will collaborate with you to create a completely personalised item that fits your needs.

Will you use photos of my Bridal Bling item?

Yes we will, to assist with future brides and for promotional purposes. Bridal Bling Australia often takes photos prior, during and following work being completed. To assist with this, these photographs may be used for public display (e.g. website, business cards, online promotions etc). If you are uncomfortable with this and wish for the images of your Bridal Bling product not to be used, please advise us ahead of time, otherwise it is presumed that you agree to the use of your images as we see fit.

Why do some of your photos have Photographer’s logos on them?

We are proud to promote and thank the many professional Photographers who share their professional photos with us.  All photos used with Photographers logos have been given to us by either the Bride or Photographer with their permission. We do not use photos that have not be given to us. Brides, if you do not own the rights to the photos, please do not share them with us.

Do you have a question not answered here?

Please contact us and we will endeavour to assist you.



How long does postage normally take?

We post with Australia Post from Brisbane hence shipping times may vary depending on where we are posting to.  1-3 days to most metro addresses, with the exception of country Australia and WA where it takes 5-7 days.

Will I need to sign for my parcel?

In certain circumstances we do require a signature for delivery.  This includes orders where the buyer has requested and paid extra for a signature or as deemed prudent at our discretion normally with orders over $200.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Bridal Bling Australia ships to all countries that weare legally allowed to ship to. Please note that international shipping is available without tracking and takes about 14 days. We use AUSTRALIA POST for International shipping and All prices including shipping are in AU$.

Who is responsible for International Customs/Import Fees?

As required by Federal law, Bridal Bling Australia declares the full value of the shipment on International Customs forms. Please be aware of your country's import laws and understand that as the buyer you are responsible for all taxes and duties that your package may incur.



Do you have other colours of wire for the Hangers?

No, we do not offer any colour other than silver. Other hanger makers may offer coloured wire, we have found that the coloured wire is very fragile and bends very easily, we prefer to use industrial grade galvanized steel, which is a much stronger wire than coloured wire.

What colour Hangers do you have?

In our Wood hanger range we have four (4) wood colours to choose from, natural light wood, a walnut dark wood, black, white.  In the Glamour range of hangers there are rhinestone bling, faux pearl. In the Vintage hanger range there are for different lace hangers, snow white, sea shells, sand antique and slate.

Can I have my text be more scripty?

What you see is what you get. Regretfully If you don't like our script style we may not be the right maker for you.

Why does my Hanger have funny grains in it?

As the wood is a natural timber, there may be various marks in the timber and/or slight differences in the shades of the timber grain. Minor imperfections in the wood are quite common as they are real wood and timber has a grain look.  I do take care to match hangers for group orders as closely as possible.

Will my dress stay on the Hanger?

Yes! There are notches on both sides to keep straps/dress-loops from sliding off. The weight of the dress should only be on the wooden part of the hanger, as the wire is bendable and must be handled delicately. The wire can be easily bent back into shape if an accident does happen though!

What sizes are the Hangers?

The adult hangers are a sturdy 44cm (17"), They are made from natural timber and are strong enough to hold a heavy wedding dress. The child size hangers are 28cm (approx 11") and only come in light or white wood.

How many letters can you do?

We can do up to 16 characters (including punctuation and spaces) on one line. If you have a longer name please contact us so we can advise if we can accommodate.

Can I get hearts after my name?

Yes! We can make wire hearts with your order.  All orders are made EXACTLY as your note from your order, so please double-check for any errors before submitting your order. If you would like "hearts", ".", "-", or any other symbols, you will need to state  this in your order.
We are not responsible if you misspell or leave out any symbols or details in any of your order.

Will the wire writing look the same with every order?

As all pieces are created by hand, no two items are identical. That's the beauty of handcrafted products. Please allow for slight variances in wire bending and from what is shown in the photos.



What are the Handkerchiefs made from?

The Handkerchiefs are 100% cotton.

Can the Hankies be used or are they just for show?

Yes! The hankies are made to be used as proper usable handkerchiefs that can be washed after use.

How do I care for my Handkerchief? 

Care Instructions - Hand Wash/ Air Dry Flat

What colour Handkerchief can I get?

At the moment we only have white hankies, in 4 styles; men’s 40cm x 40cm (16” x 16”), ladies lace edge 30cm x 30cm (12"x 12") or scalloped edge 28cm x 28cm (11"x11")  and a smaller men’s hanky for the children’s hankies.

What colour writing can I get?

We can do any colour writing that you would like, although we do suggest that the main verse of the Hanky be in ‘grey’ writing which from our experience is the easiest to read and looks the nicest.

Do the Handkerchiefs come in a box?

No they don’t. To save with postage costs, the handkerchiefs are posted in a plastic sealable bag rather than a box/parcel. Please contact us if you’d like your handkerchief posted in a box, extra charges will be incurred with both the packaging and shipping costs.

Anything else that I should know about hankies?

For the hankies to be practical as handkerchiefs, we do all embroidery centred in the corner on the hanky. We have 2 styles of writing, fancy and plain. The plain is a straight up and down font and the fancy is a running writing style.



What sizes do the Garters come in?

We have 3 sizes; pixie, princess and goddess. The princess size garter best suit a leg size of 36-55cm, they are approx 36cm (14") when un-stretched and approximately 70cm (26-27") when stretched.  As all of our garters are custom made, we are happy to make goddess (larger) or pixie (smaller) at NO EXTRA COST. We will need you to advise your leg measurement.

What size throw away Garter should I get?

We recommend getting your throw away garter made as princess size garter, which best fit a leg size of 36-55cm, this way the Bride protects her true leg measurements.

How long does it take to make a Garter?

Your personalised garter will be put in the mail within 2-3 weeks (Monday to Friday), after receipt of cleared payment, although most times it is quicker than this.


Name Garters

I have a long name, how many letters can I have in my Garter?

We can do MRS and surname of up to 10 letters, if you need more letters please contact us and we will see if we can accommodate.

What colours can I have my Garter?

The suggested base colour ribbons (where the writing will be) are white, cream or black. But as the garters are personalised for you, we can use any other colour combination that you’d like.  The main colours (the larger ribbon) available are white, cream, light blue, dark blue, light pink, hot pink, purple, red, black, teal, champagne, gold, rainbow and others.

If  you have a vision, please contact us and we will collaborate with you to create the perfect garter for you.

Flask Garters

What colour are the Flask Garters?

The base garter colours are white, black, ivory or cream, with the lace colours available are white or black. The accent ribbon colours are light blue, dark blue, soft pink, hot pink, red, purple, black, white, ivory, teal, champagne, gold or more.

Is the Flask usable or just for show?

Yes! The Stainless Steel flask is a useable flask. The flask is a 3oz flask which holds approximately 3 shots. Included with your order is a small funnel so the flask can be re-filled. 

The decorative ribbon, and antique silver frame with a glass name piece should not be washed.

How is the Flask attached to the garter?

The flask has been designed with a clasp on the back that allows it to slide on and off the garter.  The decorative ribbon is attached to the flask and NOT a holster for the flask.

Can I get a flask made for my man?

Yes! We have personalised pocket flasks for the guys. They have a clasp on the back that allows them to slide on and off the pocket or belt, with a decorative chain to give the "pocket watch" look.  Instead of lace, we use different coloured ribbons.


Memory Charms

What are Memory Charms?

Memory charms are lovely keep sakes for Brides, with your image set in a silver plated pendant . Your photo can be colour, black & white or antique tones. If no colour is stated then Bridal Bling Australia will leave the photo the colour that it is.

Do I insert my own photo or do you do that?

These Memory charms are NOT a 'premade frame' that you purchase to put your own picture in. Each one is handmade for the photo you email to us.   Most photos are touched up i.e. cropped, faded backgrounds, spot removal etc.

How do I get you the photo that I’d like used?

Please email the photo that you would like to use, and advise whether you’d prefer it black & white or colour. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Are the Memory Charms water resistant?

Yes! The memory charms are water resistant. If you splash a small amount of water on them accidentally they should be fine. They are not meant to be submerged or purposely exposed to water. The photo pendant as well as the metals can be damaged by water.  Bridal Bling Australia accepts no responsibility for water damaged memory charms.

What if there are 2 people in the photo but I only want 1 person in my charm, can this be done?

Yes! This can be done. No need for you to crop the picture as we will crop, resize and colour correct your photo. Most photos are typically cropped close around the face and hair. If you'd like the photo cropped differently, to remove one person or to include some background for example, please let us know. 

How do Memory Charms attach to bouquets?

Memory Charms are easily attached to Brides bouquets. They come with a small pin that  secures them to the Brides bouquet or you can use the ribbon bow to attach them.

I’ve seen little charms hanging from the Memory Charms, what are these and can I get one?

These are little “add on charms” which are attached to the charms. The charms available (at an additional cost) are angel, heart or special word such as father of the bride, father of the groom, mum, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, bridesmaid, grandmother, mother, bride.

How are the Memory Charms packaged?

Your Memory Charm is packaged in an organza bag with a small pin and then shipped in a bubble wrapped envelope.

What shapes do the Memory Charms come in?

We have lots of different shapes and sized charms for you to choose from, which can all be seen on our website.  If no memory charm size or shape is stated then the square memory charm is the default charm used, as it is the most common and best suits most photos.  If you would like a different shaped charm then please order accordingly.

Will you use a photo of my charm for your advertising?

We do use photos of Memory Charms that have been made for promotional/display purposes. If you wish for your charm NOT TO BE USED, please advise when ordering. If you don't not comment, then it is understood that Bridal Bling Australia may use a photo of your finished charm for promotional display purposes.


Shoe Stickers

What colour Shoe Stickers are available?

‘I DO’ - pink, purple, silver, light blue or dark blue.

‘Me Too/Why ME?/Help me’ – silver, light blue or dark blue.

‘Team Bride’ – pink, black or silver (all with a pink heart as the dot on the “i”).

How do you attach the stickers?

Simply peel back the sticker and apply to the arch of the shoe. Be sure to check which side (left or right shoe) to stick the wording on. I.e “I Do” not “Do I”

IRON ON Transfers

Are the Iron on Transfers easy to do?

Yes they are! We will include the instructions with your transfers which are easy to follow although prior to this we recommend not drinking a glass or 2 of wine!

When my transfers arrived some of the stones are not in place?
This can happen in transit, some stones may shift, this is easily fixed, and you will need to place the stones back into place with tweezers before ironing.

What can they be ironed to?

Smooth fabrics are best to use when applying iron on transfers, we recommend not ironing on to heavily ribbed fabrics as the result is an uneven application. Cotton and cotton blends are probably the easiest fabrics to iron on to.  The Rhinestone transfers cannot be ironed onto materials such as leather, teflon, silicon, waterproof/coated fabric. Always test fabrics if you're not sure. 

Are there any special washing instructions?

It is recommended to machine wash in “COLD” water using the delicate cycle, line dry ONLY. The heat from putting garments with Iron on rhinestone transfers in a dryer can loosen the stones.

Anything else I need to know?

All sales are final. We are not responsible for any issues arising from application of transfers.  No responsibility is taken for the reliability of your iron.  House-hold irons may heat up after being used for a long period of time.


Button Down Shirts

What sort of shirt are they & what colours do the shirts come in?

We use a Cotton polyester blend shirt, which will need to be ironed.  At the moment they come in the colours available are white or black.

Are there any special washing instructions?

Care Instructions will be on the label. A warm machine wash is recommended. Do not bleach and warm iron.

What size do the shirts come in?

We have 3 Shirt Sizes, they are small, medium, large.  The best way to describe the sizing is that the small fits like a men’s large shirt and is recommended for ladies size 8-12. The medium fits like a men’s xlarge shirt and is recommended for ladies size 12-16. The large fits like as a mens xxlarge shirt and is recommended for ladies size 16-20.

Can I get a larger shirt?

Most times the answer is yes. We will need to check with our suppliers first before committing to a larger shirt.

Is the pocket useable?

No! The pocket personalisation on the pocket is decorative only and will be sewn closed.

What part of the shirt can I get personalised?

Personalisation can be done on the pocket, the back, on the cuffs or any combination of the three (3).

Can I get my New Married Name of the back of the shirt?

Yes! You can. There is a listing for NAME ON BACK OF SHIRT.


Ring Pillows

How do our wedding rings attach to the Ring Pillow?

It is your responsibility for the final decision as to how to secure the rings to the ring pillow. They can be tied onto the pillow with the ribbon that is attached. Some Brides like to use fake rings for the ring pillows.

How old should my Ring Bearer be?

That’s for you to decide, you should consider the age and maturity of ring bearers.


Book Sculptures

How do you make these?

These book sculptures take lots of time, love, patience and skill to make with each page carefully folded to form a letter or shape.  No books are harmed by cutting or gluing.

Do we need to supply the book or do you supply it?

We supply the books.  These book sculptures are made from recycled, pre-loved books hence some may look slight worn, or have yellow discolouration of pages due to the age of the books.

What book title will I get?

The book title and hard cover colours will vary and I try not to use distasteful inappropriate titles.  You do not get a choice in the title, but if you have a preferred colour, please ask.


Dress Labels

How do the Dress Labels go on to my dress?

The dress labels come with a thread and needle and can be easily sewn on to your wedding gown.  Just a few tack stitches is all it takes.

I can’t sew, is there any other way I can attach the label?

Yes! Some Brides have used double sided tape, although it is recommended that you do sew them onto your gown.