Tears On My Wedding Day

From recent Bride Kristie Brinkworth

 Kristie and Jason Wedding Photography-0424 2Kristie Brinkworth - Attic Designs Photography 5

 "Hi Kelly, I just wanted to thank you so much for all you did for me in the lead up to my Wedding Day last November. The handkerchiefs were amazing. They brought my parents to tears on my Wedding Day. My family loved the bags that you put together as well. I’ve attached some photos.  Thanks again, I appreciate everything that you have done J Kristie" 

Kristie Brinkworth - Attic Designs Photography 4 

Kristie and Jason Wedding Photography-0424 bags

"My photographers were Attic Designs Photography. They captured all of these special moments of when my Dad cried whilst reading the words on the handkerchief and the first time he saw me in my dress which still gives me shivers! Priceless photos :D! " 

Photo supplied by Bride : Kristie Brinkworth

Photo by: Attic Designs Photography

YOLO Handkerchief

Wendy Fernie  - Theiadore Photography 2From recent Mother of the Groom, Wendy :

"Hi Kelly

Thank you for helping with some beautiful memories that I was able to share with my son on his wedding day. You did a YOLO embroidered handkerchief for me to give to him on his special day and it was perfect. My younger son Cole passed away from cancer in 2013, he was very close to his older brother Blaise and was meant to be a groomsman. Cole's mantra was "Always chase your dreams and remember to live life YOLO style" a perfect fitting thing for him to say to his older brother on the day of his wedding.

As requested by you please find attached a photo from that special day.

Thank you so much

Wendy Fernie" 

Wendy Fernie  - Theiadore Photography 1

From speaking with Wendy, I learned that Cole was 15 years old when he passed and by the sounds of it, he was wise beyond his years.  As both boy's mother, it was extremely special for Wendy to be able to have Cole's words sit close to Blaise's heart on his wedding day.

Photo supplied by Mother of the Groom: Wendy Fernie

Photo by: Theiadore Photography

The Most Important Thing I Organised

From recent Bride Rebekah Rebekah Rose Twyford - Leezett photography fb

"Hi there, my name is Rebekah! I got married back in July, and I ordered one of your bouquet frames with a photo of my pop in it! It was ABSOLUTELY beautiful! I cried when I got it in the mail and I cried when I was tying it to my bouquet on my wedding day! It was by far one of the most important things I organised for the whole day! Thank you beyond words, for creating such a meaningful and extremely special keepsake for me!"

Photo supplied by Bride: Rebekah Rose Twyford

Photo by: Leezett Photography


I Cannot Thank You Enough For Making That Dream Come True

Taryn Ryan - photog harwood photography 3 320pix

 From recent Bride Taryn :

 "Good evening  

I am just writing to let you know that the items ordered from Bridal Bling were well received and my mother and mother in law loved the keyrings. Taryn Ryan - photog harwood photography  320 1
An extra gift that made the day special. Taryn Ryan - photog harwood photography 2 320 pix My favorite item of the day was the photo charm, having my d
ad be there in spirit walk me down the aisle was just beautiful. It meant so much to me and I really cannot thank you enough for making that dream come true. 

Thank you for the great service and amazing products your produce. 

I have attached some photos for you.

Kind Regards  Taryn  "

What a lovely email to read first thing in the morning! I'm so glad that I was able to help you. 

 Photo supplied by Past Bride: Taryn Ryan

Photo by Harwood Photography

Hanky Brings Tears of Joy

Peta Parker no photogFrom recent Bride Peta:
"Hi Kelly, 
I just wanted to say thank you for your lovely hankies I ordered for my wedding last Saturday. They were a big hit. My mum loved it, and as soon as I gave my dad's to him he took off to cry where no one could see him and came back 10 minutes later lol thank you" 

How cute is that! Peta's Dad had to walk away to cry. I've said it before but I'll say it again, I love helping cause happy tears. 

Photo supplied by Past Bride: Peta Parker