Tears on My Wedding Day

Tears on My Wedding Day

From recent Bride Kristie Brinkworth

Kristie Wedding Handkerchief Kristie Wedding Handkerchief 2

“Hi Kelly, I just wanted to thank you so much for all you did for me in the lead up to my Wedding Day last November. The handkerchiefs were amazing. They brought my parents to tears on my Wedding Day. My family loved the bags that you put together as well. I’ve attached some photos. Thanks again, I appreciate everything that you have done ☺ Kristie”

Kristie Wedding Handkerchief 3  Kristie Wedding Custom Tote

“My photographers were Attic Designs Photography. They captured all of these special moments of when my Dad cried whilst reading the words on the handkerchief and the first time he saw me in my dress which still gives me shivers! Priceless photos :D! ”

Photo supplied by Bride : Kristie Brinkworth

Photo by: Attic Designs Photography

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