Brides-to-be: Top Ten Unique Gifts for Your Hubby

Brides-to-be: Top Ten Unique Gifts for Your Hubby

Brides-to-be: Top Ten Unique Gifts for Your Hubby

If there is one thing that is unique about your wedding day it is your hubby to be. You are probably looking for the perfect gift to show him how much he means to you at this incredible time.

Just another gift won’t do. We have compiled a list of our favourite unique gifts for hubby to perfectly capture how you feel about your man and why he stands out so much from the crowd.

Bridal Bling has compiled for you our list of exceptional and inspired gifts for an exceptional man.

Brides-to-be: Top Ten Unique Gifts for Your Hubby

Groom Survival Kit

This is a super-cute idea which can be perfectly tailored to your hubby. If your fellow is feeling nervous in the lead-up to the big day, this survival kit will lighten the mood and remind him that it is all supposed to be a great day.

Buy a personalised mini-cooler or even a shaving bag with his name, and the fill with all the things you know he will need to chill out on the day, such as his fav beer, breath mints, Panadol, poker cards, even the tiny teddy bear you gave him on your first date.

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Write his name in the stars

Go big and go original for your unique gifts for your hubby. Why not name a star after him, or perhaps after the two of you in your new married name? This way your future together will be forever written in the stars.

A scrapbook to tell your story

This gift takes a little prep time, but is well worth it. Collect mementoes of your relationship such as photos, tickets, letters, postcards and any little reminders of your love story. Build a scrapbook for your hubby to be and give it to him the day before your wedding, so he can relive every step you took to get to this magical place.

Ubercute Undies and Socks to prevent any cold feet

Something fun and quirky and sure to make every hubby to be laugh. Choose personalised ‘cold feet’ socks or undies and get them embroidered or printed with a message just from you.

We love the messages like ‘So you don’t get cold feet’, ‘Husband since 2018’ or ‘Property of Mrs Name.’ This is another lovely way to take away his nerves as well as letting him know how much you are looking forward to marrying him.

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Customised Cufflinks

Some men may not have many opportunities to wear cufflinks, but one day they can all get away with it is on their wedding day.

Go all out and arrange for some extra special customised cufflinks with your names, pictures, the date or some other personal message that only the two of you will get. These are beautifully made and look opulent; he will be proud to wear them down the aisle on this important day.

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A tree

Why not choose a small tree that you can plant together on the day you get married, in the garden of the home you are building together? Choose something that will flower or bear fruit right on your anniversary every year.

It will grow old with the two of you and be a constant reminder of this big day.

Your own cookbook

This one is great for the wannabe chefs amongst the hubby’s to be.

Put together your own personal cookbook with some of his favourite recipes. You could include things you have made for him, or even much-loved recipes from his mum or grandma. Include things that you would like him to make for you on special occasions, such as for breakfast in bed on birthdays.

This gift will be greatly appreciated by any foodie fiancé, both for the thought you put into it and for the fact that it will continue to be useful year after year.

Personalised flask and his favourite spirits

Arrange for a very special monogrammed hip flask as a very unique gift for hubby to be. These are personal and thoughtful, and he will proudly carry it on the day and show it off to family and friends.

Top the gift off with a bottle of his favourite spirits, or some of the very expensive good quality stuff that is only for special occasions.

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A first edition of his favourite book

For the readers among your men, you could source a first edition of one of his favourite books. This might be a book that brought you together, or something that inspired him as he became the man you have fallen in love with.

Another idea is to source his favourite childhood story and give it to him in readiness for the children you’d like to have together.

A puppy

This gift is a bit of a long-term commitment, but you were probably already thinking long-term with this particular guy – am I right? You could get an adorable puppy as a gift for your wedding, and again choose something that will grow with you and remind you of the love you continue to share.

Name him something that is an in-joke to the two of you, or something personal such as after where you met, where you are getting married or the month of your wedding.


While you probably got plenty of things to plan for the big day, some things are a little bit more important than others, and also might be better not delegated to someone else.

You are really only limited by your imagination on this one. Think carefully about how unique and special your hubby is to you, and choose the perfect gift for this perfect man.