Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas for 2019

Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas for 2019

If you have found that one special person you want to spend the rest of your life with, it might be time to propose. You want to put some thought into though – this is the most important person in your world, and you get a chance to ask them just this once. Here are some unique wedding proposal ideas to really make that moment exceptional.

And to guarantee you a ‘Yes’ response!

When is the best time to propose?

Well, now probably – if you are thinking about it enough to read this article, then you are probably close to being ready, if you aren’t there yet.

Choosing a special time of year can make your proposal personal and unique, such as on the anniversary of your first date, or your first kiss. You might also choose your partner’s birthday, or Valentine’s Day, for the ultimate gesture in romance.

Christmas is also a very special time of year (and could be a good excuse to propose in front of all of your family or friends!). We also love the idea of proposing on New Year’s Eve, as the last year together ends and the clock ticks over into a new year full of promise together.

There are bad times to propose, but it will depend on your partner’s personality and the nature of your relationship. Some will want (and deserve) a huge romantic gesture. Others will just be happy with their loved one turning to them on the couch and saying, ‘How about marrying me?’

Think about your partner and what they would love the most.

Should you have the ring?

There are a few different opinions on whether you should have the ring with you already when you propose, with pros and cons for both sides. It could be more romantic with the ring already chosen, but what if you have no idea about what ring your partner would like?

You could recruit some of your partner’s closest friends to make sure you’ve chosen the right ring, or perhaps buy or make a super-cute temporary ring that can then become a special heirloom of its own, before you go together to buy the real thing.

Having completely the wrong ring (especially if you have spent a lot of money on it) could be a little bit of a disaster, so consider carefully before you buy one. You want to get this right.

7 Romantic Proposal Ideas 2019

Should you make your proposal unique?

Of course! Unique doesn’t necessarily mean big and showy, it just means that thought and feeling have been put into asking this person to marry you. And when you consider it, you really should put at least a little thought into asking this person to marry you – right?

Think about your partner and what would really blow them away, or what would fit in perfectly with the nature of your relationship so far. Plan big or small, but definitely make it unique, because this special person is unique.

And you know as soon as you start telling people you proposed, everyone is going to want to know how you did it. Wouldn’t it be better to have a great story to tell?

Seven Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas for 2019

Recruit your Pets

Your partner will go weak at the knees when you propose by hanging an adorable sign around the neck of your dog or cat, and will definitely not be able to refuse you. You could also roll up a little love message and tie it around your missive’s neck with a ribbon.

Make sure you take pictures of this happening – you will want to keep the memories of this forever!

In the Heart of a Book

Buy an old book and hollow out a heart-shaped hole in some of the middle pages. Give it to her to read, with the ring tucked away like a magical surprise inside. This idea is great for book lovers or if she has a favourite book from her childhood she has mentioned.

You get extra points for this one if you make it look like you just stumbled across the particular book while you are both browsing through a secondhand store.

Take them through a maze

We love this idea. Mazes such as the Hedgend Maze in the Yarra Valley will happily help you set up a romantic proposal experience.

What happens could be specific to you as a couple, but may include trails of rose petals, signs and dead ends to make things more interesting, a scavenger hunt of tokens from your relationship, letters and messages of love from you, and of course the important question at the end.

Think Outside of the Box

The traditional, or cliché wedding proposal has the asker holding out a small velvet box. Why go for traditional or what you have seen a thousand times before?

When your partner sees the little velvet box, she will know exactly what is coming. But choose something entirely new – and end a beautiful and romantic evening with her finding this customised rustic wooden ring box instead.

Simple and stunning, you can personalise it with your own special message, and it will double forever as a lovely place for your partner to keep their treasured jewellery.

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Photo Booth Proposal

This idea is gorgeous because it seems spontaneous and you are guaranteed to get your partner’s most genuine response on camera.

Sit in a photo booth together and when the camera starts snapping away, pull out the ring and ask the big question.

If the photos turn out well, you have a picture already done for your Save the Date cards!

Put the Right Pieces into Place

Arrange to get a personalised wooden puzzle made with your proposal message written in the finished picture. A great idea for puzzle buffs and also can be something you keep forever and even do again and again over the years.

You could also get the puzzle framed and hung on your wall as a lovely memento of this occasion.

Win a Teddy Bear

At a local fete or show, arrange for his personalised teddy to be put amongst the prizes of one of the sideshows. Then win the prize for your beloved and see the surprise and delight on her face when she gets presented with this little teddy instead of one that looks like all the others.

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If you have a unique proposal idea that you set up for your partner, let us know; we love to share in this kind of romantic news. You might even inspire another generation of young lovers to follow your unique romantic lead.