It’s the little details in a wedding that make all the difference…

It’s the little details in a wedding that make all the difference…

It’s the little details in a wedding that make all the difference…

When you are planning your wedding, there are a billion and one things you need to decide on, and so many choices to make.

You will need to make big choices about the dress, the venue, the theme, and the vows right down to small ones about the seating arrangement and the shoes your bridesmaids wear.

Some of these choices will be based on how much money you have, and how many friends and family you need to invite. You may be driven by how grand and memorable you want your day to be, and how much wow factor you want to pack into it.

You might be pushed to get everything perfect and make sure that all of the choices are the right ones, but at the end of the biggest day of your life, it won’t matter if everything was perfect or not.

The best memories that you will take away with you will be the tiny unique wedding details.

Here are some tips to get these tiny details into your big day.

Make your wedding day unique

Your wedding day is a big day, but the focus of it all should be a celebration of your love as a couple. It should be unique and personal to you, and tell the story of your past, present, and future.

You will see lots of ideas that you’d like to borrow from for your big day, such as the perfect hairstyle in a bridal magazine, a wonderful first dance on YouTube or an idea on Pinterest for the cutest wedding favours. Borrowing from or copying what other couples have done is fine, but if you carbon copy everything you will not be able to find the uniqueness in your day.

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The personal touches are the things you will remember best, and the ones that will have your guests going home saying, ‘it was so lovely how they did X – that was so ‘them’’.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the big things

Many venues will offer packages where the menus, layout, style, drinks, decorations and more are all already worked out. This can make planning your wedding much easier, especially if planning isn’t your forte.

Taking the stress out of some of the bigger decisions can be a great idea so you can focus on the little touches that will make your day unique.

Try not to get bogged down in finding a dress that will blow them away, or a venue that no one has ever seen before, or pulling a party to end all parties.

If you try to make everything perfect or next level or out of this world then you can get overwhelmed by all the choices you have to make. The biggest decisions should be more around practicality and budget than grandeur or perfection.

We don’t mean stress about getting every detail perfect

When we talk about the details making the difference we don’t mean stress about getting every little detail perfect. In fact, perfection is a tough standard to aim for in any aspect of your wedding day. Aiming for it will add to your stress and will make you over-analyse everything.

Don’t try to get every detail perfect. Choose some little touches and special moments across your day that you want to be personal to you, and then get those right.

Not perfect, but right for you.

Some great ways to add some unique wedding details to your day

Incorporate tradition or family history into your day

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Memory charms are a stunning and unique way to keep someone close to your heart who has passed away. They look lovely, and attach to your bouquet, lapel or elsewhere to make sure you have this special person with you.

Wearing something old is another small detail that makes a big impact for you. You might like to wear your grandmother’s engagement ring, or carry a shawl or handkerchief that has been passed down through your family.

Include a beloved pet

Why not get some uber-cute photos taken of your pet in a top hat or carrying a sign to use for your save the date cards or invitations? This sets the whole tone of your wedding day off as fun and personal just for you.

If you have a well-behaved pet you could also consider adding them to the bridal party, as the flower-pooch or a ring-bearer.

Nod to your first date or where you met

If you have taken a few years to get down the aisle, it could be fun to do your first dance to a song that was Number One the year that you met. This will take everyone for a little walk down nostalgia lane and is sure to set your first dance apart as completely unique.

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You might like to get some of your professional wedding photos taken where your first date took place or where you kissed for the first time. This is a great way to incorporate a very personal touch and hold this memory forever for you.

Showcase your home town

One wonderful way to highlight the beauty and personality of your hometown could be to put together a bag of locally made goodies as your favours such as preserves, soap or chocolate.

You might also showcase your hometown, or the one where your parents grew up, in the reception menu. You could include a dessert from your culture, wine or craft beer from your region, or nod to your hometown in the cake design.

Add a private joke or two

Personalised undie or socks are a great way to add a small touch to the day that you will never forget, and you don’t need to share this with anyone else for it to be special. This kind of private joke will be sure to make you smile and chill out on stressful moments during the big day as well.

Special touches in your vows are another lovely way to put a personal stamp on the day. There are so many generic wedding vows out there, but why should you make promises to each other in words someone else wrote? Make the promises that are meaningful to you, even cute ones like promising to bring cups of tea in bed and giving foot massages to always changing the toilet roll!

We love a wedding that is chock full of some romantic touches that are personal just to the bridal couple. It is your great romance story that this day is all about after all!

Things like unique wedding details and personal moments will be what you remember, not how big you went or how many guests you wowed.

Make a day that is just for you, and your guests will love being included in such a personal and unforgettable celebration.